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Karolyn. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Saw 35$ no deposit on this casino so i registered on their site> used the bonus code and claimed the bonus and got it within less than a minute. I liked their service and that initial process which as very fast and i was a member with free 35$ within no time.
I started playing video slots and my first game was golden man and i like their visuals a lot. And the soundtrack behind is very intense and makes it a good experience. Since it was a 20 line video slot so i was on 0.10 and my bet was 2$ per spin. Was looking for the iron man symbol because it gives free spins. And the first spin i hit the wild on line and got 1$ so bet 2 and got 1 only. i did not like the variance of this game because most
if the time my spins were bringing 0 money and whenever i hit wild or the gun it gave me less than i had invested in that spin.

So i left the game with a balance of 26$. Then went to American Roulette as this game is the one that can get you good money even casino hold em but this site did not have hold em . I found it very weird that for most of the table games they were downloading updates hen i chose to play that game an this is my first such experience. I realized that i cannot play these games on free money then went back to slots.

This time i was playing love and money as they have a very catchy name so i chose to play this game. An again the update thingy. I liked their select line feature a lot. But i was only on coins as selecting lines would have been a bigger risk. Wins were like for 0.30$ and best case was once that was 2$ and not more than that. This is why i am not a big rival player because the variance is too much and the payout is not enough.Was hitting the heart one most of the time or the weird faced feature which was not paying enough. Then went to bowled over which is i-slots and it is the specialty of rival. This was a very nice game and i managed to up my balance to 45$ from this game only. I am still going strong and hoping to meet the wager and taking some big risks. Recently spoke to emily about some welcome gift the casino has promised waiting for it.
Golden cherry casino was having a no deposit bonus which i came to know about through a page on Facebook and there is absolutely no way that i can say no to a free money bonus because it is the best time killer and i created an account on this casino and claimed the no deposit bonus. i download the app of their casino because the instant play feature always runs very slow and on some casinos the instant play does not even offer all the games which you can actually play on the downloaded version. their download takes some good time.

I got to the action with the global cup soccer game and it is a classic slot and i love playing them . No real features here and was only getting the 1ball and no such feature with the big wins and i like that the wins of every feature are mentioned on the side of the
games. These slots are very fast but a lot of spins go empty and this
can be disastrous with real money . I played this one, Eggstravaganza and big cash win and came out with profit only from big cash win. I play very less time on video slots on casinos from the rival company.

Played only one video slot which was the wild carnival game. And only small combinations like q and 9 , j and 10. and these combinations do not play enough and certainly not enough to get me to the wager. I lost all the money till i got to the table games and i always have lost every free money bonus i have gotten and i do not understand the deal with it. I would give this casino a 6 and would love some improvement in the return to the players. And please do something about the long waiting during the loadings and even when downloading the app of this casino.

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