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Kristie. Reviewed on 11.07.18
I am a big Novomatic slots fan.
Futuriti Casino

Before I try out a casino I always search the internet for some useful info and comments from other players about the casino.
Now, with Futuriti this is quite difficult. Since the whole internet is ¨spammed¨ full about the promotions of Futuriti (especially about their €100 no deposit bonus) even at a bunch of non-gaming related websites. When I search for ¨Fast Payouts Futuriti¨ in google, for example, I got redirected to a body builder site or a forum where women talk about their depressive cats. Their advertisements are really everywhere!

It is quite difficult to find decent information from other users about this casino, even if you use the advanced search in google, you will not find directly what you want, but they have the good right to do that, and although the wager requirements of the free €100 are incredible high, it is a nice offer anyways and a free chance to try out their casino.

Now this review is just based on my experiences at Futuriti and keep in mind I just play slots!

Futuriti casino, when I discovered them I just had a strange feeling about them. I can not tell you exactly why, It´s because of different things, I guess.

Customer Support
For me one of the most important things. A good and fast customer support is very important. Futuriti has a live chat available, which is easy to find. Whatever you are playing, you will always see the Live-Chat available at the right bottom of your screen, sending out an automatic message from time to time saying you just have to click there if you need any kind of help.

That´s great! Always useful to have a staff member close to you to help you out with your questions! But although they state their Live Chat is available 24/7, unfortunately it happens sometimes they are not online. Not a big issue since you can always leave a message.

About the professionalism of their staff in the chat I have my doubts sometimes. Most of the time you will get your answer for basic questions, but just don´t expect a nice and detailed chat session. Sometimes the answers are just not helpful at all. Sometimes chat window gets closed without a reason ór you get an answer that just doesn´t make any sense. Not always, but in my case this was how it went most of the times.

It looks like the site is owned by Russians (although they are based in the Netherlands Antilles), so on the other side I can imagine it is a little bit difficult for their customer support to give you a proper answer, since it is very clear not everybody speaks decent English at Futuriti. I have got the most funny but also annoying answers to my questions.
I also experienced a few times they clearly just copied and pasted the phrase: ¨Please, hold on, it takes some time for me to find the answer for you¨, followed 5 minutes later with the next copied and pasted phrase: ¨I am sorry, but you should contact [email protected] for further assistence¨. *CHAT CLOSED*

I also have got answers like: ¨Did you read our T&C? Did you or didn´t you? Here they are! Did you read them? when I was talking about a complete other issue then he was referring to. Funny but a little bit rude.

But I also have good experiences with their customer support. A few weeks ago I had a problem with my deposit. For some reason my Clickandbuy deposit didn´t come through, although it was deducted from my account. When I contacted them about it, I was kind of sure this could take a very long time before I got some proper help, but I was really surprised they kept me updated very well by email. At the end the problem was solved and I got my deposit in my account and was helped in a very nice and friendly way.

My guess about their customer support:

They aim to give as much support as possible for their customers and I am quite convinced their philosophy is to keep their customers as happy as possible. I just think there are some grumpy, bad informed operators which sometimes have no idea where the customer is talking about. But you can count on it your problem will be solved. You just have to meet the right person. If that person is not available in the chat, he will be available for you through email support. I almost want to put his name here, but I think it´s not a good idea to post names in a casino review.


I have never seen a casino giving out so many bonuses like Futuriti does. On every deposit you get a bonus with a fair wager requirement. You can choose every single time if you accept or reject the bonus. You can follow your wagers needed to clear the bonus very easy. It is always displayed in the main screen of their casino.

Also, if you play there you automatically take part on their tournaments held. The first time I won €30. I didn´t even know about this tournament going on. I just logged in and found the money in my account to play with.

This month I won 2 prices in their last tournaments.

The first one was a 120% cashback bonus. This was pretty good with a total of almost €2.000. Downside of this bonus was, it was credited as bonus-money with a playthrough of 30 x. Good luck wagering €60.000 on slots! This money was gone within a few hours.You will really need to hit a lot of books and cowboys on Book of Ra on the maximum bet of €9.00 to have, at least, a little chance to complete the wager requirements, or if some bonuswhores can give me the right strategy, please post it her,e because I couldn´t really take this bonus serious at all.

The 2nd price I won was much better. In fact it was great! I won €300 which was directly available in my account. No wagering, no tricky other conditions. Just hard cash available to withdraw directly if wished!

Not bad at all I guess and it is really not hard to win in a tournament. Most of the players will get rewarded in some way if you just play there from time to time.


I played a lot of Novomatic slots in my life and I have to say I have the feeling their slots look extremely tight. Please, don´t take this directly as the truth. Slots are unpredictable and it can be I was just on a long bad run. I also won the biggest prices possible on their slots, so that´s the other site.

Two times I had a negative experience with their slots. Two times I hit the bonus rounds in Book of Ra and Lucky Ladys Charm, but for some reason the screen freezed and there was nothing else left to do then just close the screen and start the game up again. Bonus spins lost, and no change in my bankroll, so the results were not calculated at all. I tried their customer support (chat) but I gave up. I wasn´t in the mood to make a big story of this, and it seemed they could not do anything about it. This makes me suspicious, since it should be quite easy to find back the spins you made at their slots. Quite annoying and it gives you the feeling you miss a win you deserved to win.

Also, watch out and don´t touch your mouse wheel too much. In my case, when I press and scroll my mouse wheel to zoom in, you see the reels spinning at maximum bet of €9.00 and no way to stop them! Happened to me a few times. Very annoying if you deposited just €20 to let it spin on €0,45 cents while watching football on youtube!


Their customer support told me 2 different stories about how and when they process the withdraws. One said to me it will always be the very same day, especially if you cashout to an ewallet where you deposited with before. The other said they process their withdraws every 3 days.

Now, I tried to cash out several times. One time my withdraw to Clickandbuy was almost instant but all the rest of my were pending 1 or a few days. Stupid me, I reversed them of course to lose it all at the end. For me, delayed payouts are a BIG reason to play less in those casinos. I prefer stick around in casinos like Quasar Gaming, where you will have your cash the very same day.

It should be so so nice if all casinos process the withdraws the very same day! But unfortunately Futuriti doesn´t work this way. At least not in my experience.

Because of this I can not tell you if all withdraws go without any hassle. I really do hope so, because if they do and if their slots are trustworthy this casino is a great place to play, despite the doubts I have had about them in the past.

I am still not 100% comfortable with Futuriti, but my experiences with them are getting better and better. Only thing I will have to find out is about the withdraws coming through without a hassle or not.

Note: The maximum withdraw amount to Clickandbuy is €100 for whatever reason. This limit does not count for other withdraw methods as far as I know.

That´s it!

If anything changes I will definitely update it here or in the forums. I will try a few withdraws very soon and let´s see how it ends. Maybe other players can confirm their withdraws are okay!

I hope this is useful information for people who like to start playing at Futuriti casino!


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