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Asha Ovalle. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Catchy, fun, and rewarding were some of the best words to describe my stay here at First Web Casino. But before I get started about my experience there I would like to share a few things regarding their bonuses, rules and terms. In First Web Casino, a microgaming platform belonging to the same category as All Slots, and All Jackpots, to name a few, has 30x times the wagering for their welcome bonus but for people who reside in UK with currency of GBP it is 40x or 10x more over the standard wagering requirements and for Swedish Krona players (SEK) have to wager bonses in multiples of 10x. As I read through the terms before I started to make playthrough of my balance I noticed that the minimum deposit for all players who are downloading the casino is $25 and for mobile casinos it is $10, the same applies in Euros or GBP! What I did not like however in First Web is they capped any eligible wagers from new players to 20% so ladies & gentlemen if you want to proceed with a higher bet I suggest making a bigger deposit to keep some of the limits at bay. At a $50 you will only be able to bet a maximum of $10 for each bet you make, if you deposit $100 then each bet will enable you to bet a maximum of $20. These are just some examples to step confusion aside. One last important detail is the following: All Table Pokers, all Roulettes, all Video/Power Pokers (except All Aces and Jacks or Better), all Blackjacks (except Classic Blackjack) and Casino War – 8% while every single slots whether it be video slots or progressives they always contribute to the fullest extent (100%) of the wagering requirements! now for my experience!

Before downloading the casino I was introduced with a letter and a CD in the mail regarding First Web because I played other partnered Jackpot Factory casinos like All Slots. As I went to this casino in 2008 I downloaded the CD, followed the instructions respectively, and made a deposit of $50 to claim their $77 welcome as this was the bonus back them before the 4 step bonus. Although currently their offer is now a four step bonus of up to four deposits. While i was excited to wind down on some video slots I first went to try out some of the slots that I never went on. Chain Mail was one of them. It's a 20 paylines 5 coins video slot that gives you a ride into medieval times with a slightly futuristic touch (Princess Roxy with a Cellphone? What's next a robot horse?).

My opinion of Chain mail is both good and bad. For one thing the video slot paid in small amounts so I'd assume it's a low variance slot, it did not have a free spins feature which gave me a sense of disappointment while hitting the bonus feature 4 times things made up for themselves! Inside the bonus there are 7 doors in each row which hid prize amounts, Princess Roxy which wins all prizes on that specific row and of course the killjoy of bonuses Uncle Mordread which ends the feature entirely with the prizes you've collected. While I approached each row in rapid succession, the prizes got bigger and the bonus as well as the music got more intense. I realised that after 4 triggers I noticed Uncle Mordread starts appearing on the 3rd row then appears twice on the 2nd last row and finally he appears 3 times on the final row which pays a very large amount. While under max bet of $1 on $0.05 ($5 each bet) coin size I took a chunk of wagering requirements off while winning a total of $560.25 from triggering the bonus four times! To land the Castle Bonus all you need to do is land the Bonus bridge on Reels 1, 3 and 5 at the same time! What I also like about Chain mail is there is a triumphant tune after completing the bonus which made every bonus finish in style! As I needed more wagers to extinguish the flames of my bonus I sliced about 3/4 or 75% of my bonus.

My final slot after hours of gameplay towards Chain Mail has brought me to another video slot called Starscape! It's a space themed video slot that reminds me of the solar system a little bit. It grants lucky players only a bonus which make up for any slack this video slot makes in the main game. I continued to wager my balance again with $0.05 coin size but this time I decided to play $2.50 or 250 coins to complete the wagering in no time. While under the influence of this galactic video slot I hit the bonus feature twice within 30 spins. I was lucky enough to get the 2nd bonus after 5 spins from the first trigger! In the bonus game i was asked to match symbols and on the left side it shows how much each would pay out if I match all three. The greatest move of all is when I discovered the mighty 3x which allows all payouts to be tripled! As I kept unraveling each bonus I got very close to the top paying symbol of 12500 coins ($125) and it made a whirring noise as I got 2 symbols of each symbol. On my 12th try I got the red atomic high paying symbol of $125! To make things even better I tripled the balance when getting the 3x while the coin size is at $0.05 coin size so this makes my wins out of this world! $125 x 3 x 5 (coin size) = $1875!!

I will not get into the 2nd bonus as it did not give me a huge amount and is considered not worth mentioning. In short my balance climbed to a high $2130.94 after completing the wagering requirements.

An awesome days work of online play!!!!! I made a withdrawal as a Cheque and waited 3-6 weeks to receive it after sending in documents!

Support: 10/10
Terms and Conditions: 8.5/10
Deposits: 9/10
Bonuses: 7/10
Payouts: You decide! :)

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