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Rosita Manger. Reviewed on 11.07.18
I must admit that Euro Play Casino started off on a bad note. I have read complaints from many players at various forums, generally complaining about delayed and non-payments of winnings and also of non-supportive casino Support. Due to all these complaints, Euro Play Casino was blacklisted at almost every casino forum there is.

Being an diehard fan of Playtech casinos, I simply couldn't resist Euro Play's very tempting offer of a no-deposit bonus for new players, plus its 400% deposit bonus AND a $50 cashback offer should a player's balance goes to zero. I just had to take up this offer. Besides, it would also afford me the actual opportunity to try out Euro Play Casino and see for myself just how true or false all the players' complaints that I have read about. So, I opened a new real money account, got the no-deposit bonus without any hassle and got off playing my usual favorite games. The gameplay was not bad at all, closely similar to what I am used to when playing at my regular casinos. After a few misses and hits, the no-deposit bonus became a nothingness. I must try it with real money...and see how things would go. So I deposited $25, the minimum amount required, got my 400% bonus and off I went again. Same results, needless to say, hehehe. I then requested that $50 cashback from live chat, got it without any problem, and that too came to nothingness in the end. Sigh! But after several hours of playing at Euro Play Casino, I did not have anything bad to complain about...but with a willingness to come back and play again. After several attempts with delicious 400% - 450% bonuses offered to me over the following days, I finally made my first clean win of $280. payment did not come after 7 days of waiting. I contacted live chat, he referred the matter to the finance team, and informed me that it was still under processing. 15 days later, I was informed of the same thing. Now this was really getting out of hand, so I wrote an email to the casino's manager for attention. No reply! Wrote in to the casino's reply too. WTF!!! I finally got a firsthand experience on the many complaints on the casino!

I got in touch with live chat again, just after 1 month had passed, and the same guy (chat host) responded. No names need be mentioned here. He informed me that approval was given for only $100, not for the claimed $280. He said I played with the cashback bonus and got that win, so I was only entitled to withdraw $100 max. I knew damn well that I played using my deposit+bonus, made the wagering requirements and withdrew only the winnings...but already red-faced with anger and disappointment, I agreed to it and quickly withdrew $100. That payment came in 7 days later. I also wrote a nasty email to the casino's manager, complaining of being cheated out of $180 through deceit, mentioned the live host's name, sent in a screenshot of my transactions prior to making that withdrawal claim, indicating and proving beyond doubt that I was cheated and short-changed!!! Any response from the manager? NONE...ZILCH. From thereon, I stopped playing at Euro Play Casino.

Several months later, I kept getting this email from...yes, you've guessed it...Euro Play Casino...inviting me to play there, offering me sumptuous 480% bonuses + $55 cashbacks! Geeees! Thick-faced people, I was saying to myself, hehehe. I ignored all those offers, until one night, I received a phone call from one of their hosts, inviting me to play at Euro Play...and promising me that such bad thing would never happen again to me! When I enquired, he said the guy who cheated me was no longer with Euro Play Casino. Good riddance, I said to myself.

So what happened next??? Weeeell...I took up their offer and started playing back at Euro Play Casino!!! So far until today, I have not had anything new to complain about the casino...and those 400% bonuses and cashbacks are just simply IRRESISTABLE!!! Hahahaha. Here's hoping that Euro Play Casino has indeed turned a new leaf and is on its way up the ladder of success!


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