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Larae. Reviewed on 11.07.18

Dendera Casino is another rial gaming casino with fancy games and site. Rival has made a good name for themselves in this industry and are going stronger than ever now. Earlier i was nota very big fan of this platform but gradually i started liking it when i gave it a fair chance. I got a 100% match up bonus from the casino for the first deposit that i did on their casino site.

I had deposited 50 and got 50 from the casino and ignored their free play promotional offer or whatever that was. I had heard about this casino in a forum and everyone was putting in a good word so i did not need the no deposit and moreover i could not have done anything with mere 10$.

I start with fast lane and bet 0.60 per spin and i hit 3 features soon and it paid me 5$ and i was a little motivated by this so raised my bet per spin and went up to 1$ per spin and hit features soon again and this time my bankroll was 130$ including the 50$ from the casino as a match up. Then i left this game and went to costume party and i was playing this game for the first time so was betting the minimum and was not willing
to take the risk. And as i had thought this game did not turn out to be good.

Midway madness was also a very average game and did not hit anything and just wasted a couple of dollars. So i went back to fast lane and won some more money and loved this game a lot. In the end i requested a withdrawal of 250$ and got that within almost a week and that was very disappointing . Week is too much time. I would rate them 8.5 out of 10.
My adventure with this casino started a while ago. I must admit that I was instantly hooked on some really great Rival slot games. Rival slots are simple and exiting at the same time. You can play for hours and loose track of time. I played several times for 5-6 hours and thought that it was only a moment.

Some of the best rival slots are their I-slots games like A Switch in time. It's a really exciting adventure that leads you from the time of dinosaurs to a time far in the future. I'll tell you more about this game when I write a review about it. Another I slots game that I like is Heavyweight gold shot.Here you can have exiting boxing adventures fighting three different opponents in the ring. Once I won 100 free spins on this game in this very casino. When it comes to Dendera what I like most is their generous bonuses. Inside they offer are numerous bonuses for every ones taste. Also from time to time you will get an offer for no deposit bonuses maybe even several times a month. As far as for cashout Dendera casino is the same as most other casinos. You will have to get used to waiting for some time for your money but I always got paid for my cash outs. For your first withdrawal you will be asked for a copy of your personal ID and one personal bill and also a picture of yourself holding your ID in your hand. I don't think that's a problem because they ask it only on the first withdrawal.

In the end, the overall impression- Good Casino and I was very pleased with them. I say this only because they are Rival Casino and had a good reputation (which is extremely rare). I warmly recommend Dendera casino and I give them 8/10. Have a nice day.

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