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King. Reviewed on 11.07.18
I'm not sure what to say about Classy Coin. Some say they have had bad experiences with a lot of things while others say they were fine. I am here to tell you my experience which was not a blessed beginning. I must advise there are a lot of good casinos out there! Some of them live up to their reputations while others offer the same great services and offers but with gold and.....mousetraps!

What I'm here to tell you is Classy Coin isn't really "Classy" at all. When I claimed the relevant code in the cashier under the "redeem coupon" tab it says I already redeemed the code. How could I have redeemed a code if I just registered a new account? I came by live chat regarding the no deposit bonus to resolve a problem with the code in which I never used...ever. All of a sudden there is a problem! After 20 minutes of leaving the chat open the message kept repeating itself saying an operator will be able to assist you. I have been seeing that message 7 times in a row and still no response after an additional 20 minutes. Then after a total of 55 minutes a chat operator suddenly helps me. He apologies for the wait and he credited the bonus manually after delays and misunderstandings. I was finally able to play out the no deposit bonus and let me tell you it was not worth it! After about 4 hours of wagering the bonus and collecting an end total of $60 I was ready to make a sweet withdrawal. It turns out there was nothing sweet about cashing out as I have even more problems to deal with. Live chat is pretty much slacking at the moment so I decided to email support about my withdrawal. But guess what I receive after 4 emails and 2 weeks of waiting for their response. Absolutely nothing! The "gold part" about Classy Coin is they use No deposit bonus to get people to try out the casino.

The "mousetrap" part is if you take the cheese standing on a mechanism the trap will snap on you (make any deposits and bonuses your screwed!) but rather the "mouse trap" that is Classy Coin deal damage, instead it empties and keeps your money! I just can't believe I ended up making a deposit. I had the urge to win money using my minimum deposit but when it came to withdrawing it no one will answer my emails. Classy Coin is non-responsive with massive delays! If anything this casino is just bait to lure out innocent victims and rob them of their hard earned money. An exact example is basically a rat that's about to take the cheese sitting on a mousetrap. People make mistakes and I was one of those victims that took that cheese on top of the mouse trap. I'm sure some of you had similar stories. I will never go back to Classy Coin! A terrible 1 out of 10 for Classy Coin! Alright yeah!!!

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