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Tennille. Reviewed on 11.07.18
I came across Carnival Casino in January this year I think and it reminded me a lot of Casino King.I registered at the time and had a quick look at their promotions,I was impressed when I seen their welcome bonus allows you to make a minimum deposit of just £5 and you will still be eligible to receive the full 100% deposit match.That's really good for Playtech,I don't think there are many that accept a minimum of five pound and where you get the bonus offer too.However tempting it was just to put a fiver here to see how their slots played,this obviously meant that the likely hood is I'm just going to make another deposit so I may as well put it all on the first deposit to save up my bonuses for my next two deposits. The first three deposits you make here gives that nice 100% bonus.Again,quite impressive. The wagering on the first deposit is 30 time bonus and deposit but it decreases as you deposit more.

I just ended up depositing my usual amount of £20 and I was instantly credited with the bonus. I played using their download software but they do have flash too so you can pop in and out of these as you please. I didn't know what to play to be honest, I always stick to similar one especially the Marvel ones... I've had so much luck in the past when I first started playing them but now I don't seem to get much luck at all.I don't know if its become so commercialized that everyone is playing them so that's why we are winning less or whether its just all in my head lol. I decided not to play them here anyway,instead I broadened my taste and tried a few others.One I really liked here was 'Frankie Ditorri' slot.It's a 25 line slot with a minimum bet per line of 1p and it really is hit or miss whether or not you win.Normally I don't but on this occasion i was doing well.The bonus was coming in all the time and if you manage to reveal the cash amounts and multipliers without finding the collect signs then you will walk away from there with a decent profit.I was only playing the minimum bet and I was having bonuses in the range £30+ on a good bonus.I don't think much of the free spins,they don't come in much and when they do in my experience they don't pay out much.So I'd definitely recommend giving this slot a go if your deciding to play here.

Overall,I was very happy with the way the casino run,their slots and bonus promotions and with their support facility.They also now have a mobile casino that offer you another three deposit bonuses of 100%.I haven't played their mobile casino yet...I may do in the future though.

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