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Tajuana. Reviewed on 11.07.18

Begado casino using games from nuwork software, this software very similar to real time gaming, even cashier is very similar, and i think nuworks and real time gaming should be somehow linked, probably even same guys create this two software, because i bet 99% if you visit any nuwork slot, you agree that it very similar to real time gaming. Also i think begado casino is third nuworks casino, we have better options with that software - lucky club, and buzzluck, at least this two have much more better reputation for gamblers.

I tried begado casino 2 times, first one was when i get some spammy email, you know i get lot of spam to my inbox, and email saying that i can join new begado casino and get 50$ no deposit bonus. I am rare use spam emails, but this time i just google the name of casino, and on main page of their site i really see that they offer 50$ no deposit bonus. Since nuworks software is really rare one, i decide that i will try to win some money with this bonus. I took it, and since i did not had much experience with this game i just tried as many games as i can, and generally i can say i like software, but i have no luck to clear this bonus and make some profit. After some time passed casino send me 400% bonus, so it is great boost for playtime, and i decide that i can allow myself to spend 20$ to get some fun. I played with this deposit probably 2-3 hours, and find for myself favorite nuworks game - it has name babushka, really interesting game, i suggest you to try it.

I rate begado with 6 stars, because i never tried their payouts time and customer support. But of course reputation of this casino already not very good, like for all their group of casinos.
I always liked video slots and I always liked free spins. That's why I couldn't resist the bonus from Begado casino. April 30 bonus 30 free spins. The bonus was for the Ancient wonders slot game. When I saw the game I thought this was a RTG casino but it turned out it uses NuWorks platform.

The casino itself is very simple and everything is easy to find. As for the bonus I was a little disappointed that it was for only one game but I liked Ancient wonders a lot. 50 paylines the bet for the bonus was 0.02. A very small bet but on 50 lines its 1 dollar per spin so you can get a descent wining. I started playing and I was surprised to get a bonus very fast.

The graphic was very good and the music was great. I had several items and 3 picks. I choose Zeus the god of the sky and got a 5xbet. Decided to go along with the Greek mythology so next I choose Prometheus the god of fire.I got 20 x bet and last I choose the Pyramid and got 5 x bet.I thought that was it and then I got a bonus pick. What luck. Another pick and I got 10x bet. And again another bonus pick. I have to tell you the adrenaline went high up. If I were playing with my money and on a higher bet I would have gotten a heart attack. I choose the Aztec pyramid and got only 2x bet. That was it the bonus was over and on my balance I had 61,18 $. Nota bad amount considering the small bet. The free spins were over so I was playing with my money now. I needed to wager 1050,00$ to get the money. I was playing with minimum bet of 0.5 on all 50 lines. My balance started to go down and down. I really wanted another bonus. With this bet I was sure to have bigger winnings. Unfortunately that never happened and I lost all of the money.

Anyway I had fun in this casino and with Ancient Wonders slot. I would recommend it to everyone. A solid 9/10.
Nanci. Reviewed on 24.09.18
As begado casino is fairly new to the casino world I have a lot of mixed opinions on them. For starters it is a Real Time Gaming Casino that operates like one but has different video slots that you would not find on common Real Time Gaming casinos. It different and unique! Of course since this is a Real Time Gaming based casino you would expect to find some of the common features you would expect from slots you have encountered such as their Feature Guaranteed and the Win Win Feature.

As Begado is not well known to me I did not make a deposit but rather take up the no deposit bonus they offered through email. The bonus was worth $25 and I did not hesitate to spin their unique video slots. I heard rumours that casinos such as Begado are Real Time gaming casinos run by NuWorks. Some of the casinos that belong to NuWorks are Buzzluck, Regardless if this were true or not I stuck to the fact that trying them out is worth a shot! Some of the video slots I tried out were Carnival Cash, Crystal ball, Magic Show, Silk Caravan and Head Hunter. The most paying slot that takes the gold is none other than Carnival Cash because it gives you a better chance to trigger the bonus feature!

The Wild Clown Heads even substitute for the scattered Funhouse so that is twice the chance to get the bonus! Since Carnival Cash did a number on my balance I will explain how I got there. As this slot gave me more than 4 bonuses apart from each other the bonus is basically a game you would normally find in a circus or amusement park. There is a clown figure, the prizes surrounded by it, the moving tube to land the ball in and the numbers underneath the tube. This game was similar to the Slinko found in the Price is Right game show where the chip lands on a number. In this case I was asked to play 3 balls per trigger, clicked play while the tube at the bottom kept moving left and right. The ball went inside the Clown figures mouth, out came the ball through the moving tube and dropped on one of the numbers below. each number is assigned a prize. Prize 1 = 3 extra balls (more chances to win prizes), Prize 2 = 10 free games, Prize 3 = 5 Free games, Prize 4 = 1 multiplier or 5 Free games if multiplier is maxed out and so on. Did I forget to mention that there is a feature guarantee is you don't trigger the bonus after 150 spin (you can play this feature earlier to get the bonus should it land on a green slab)?

Having been said this I walked out with about $150. I pressed on as much as I could by continuing on this slots as well as other slots I have mentioned above to the point where I finally met the wagering requirements fully ($25 x 40x = $1000). It was long but I managed to pull it off within 5 hours. In the future I will make deposits to try out some of the slots which remain a mystery! Such a refreshing, gratifying casino and yes I would recommend this casino and all it's entirety!

My ratings for this casino are:
Support: 8/10
Terms and Conditions: 8.5/10
Deposits: 9/10
Withdrawals: 9/10
Payouts: 9.5/10
Enda. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Begado Casino is a little tricky and strange for me. I’m always thinking this is a RTG powered casino and every segments of the software reinforce this idea, until I start to play. This happened last time when after depositing I wondered why can’t I find my RTG games that I wanted to play. Leaving no other option I had to choose a game and my selection fell on Ancient Wonders and I didn’t regret it. This 50-payline slot have some common figures – numbers and letters - and to be true to its name and ancient/7 wonders theme the better paying symbols represent the Pyramid of Giza, Zeus’s statue, Hanging Garden and so on. Though the graphics are not amazing, it still has a pleasant sight. I started with the minimal $0.50 stake, then I quickly realized that it wasn’t going to lead to success and I tripled my bets. Slowly, slowly the free spins began to appear rewarding me somewhere between $20-$40 (the free game feature is always consists of 7 spins and the multipliers increase every time when this kind of extra is triggered. First time the wins are x1, second time x2 through x7). But the real deal was when the bonus arrived. In this segment of the game we have to choose from the seven wonders icons and each of them awards a prize multiplying the triggering bet. They guerdon us from x2 to x100. We have 3 chances but depending of the Wonders’ generosity and of course our luck we can get additional bonus picks, significantly enlarge our income. I had some great rounds as there were such $100+ winnings 3 times during my play time and one of them was a $225 profit.

At the end of this funny journey, I got the confirmation by live chat that everything was OK with the winnings and information about the ID verification process. I took the necessary steps and later got an e-mail letting me know my documents were approved and the withdrawal could be made.
I have to mention some bad habits (that characteristic of several RTG casinos) I met here. The minimal withdrawable amount is $100 and they offer only 2 payment methods for cash out. (Neteller, wire transfer). Considering this and the fact that they don’t have at all any Roulette games, and last time I didn’t see 3-reel slot games too, we can say there is some room here for improvement.

They’re decent gambling partner with some enjoyable and funny games but in my opinion the above mentioned drawbacks should be corrected at all events.
Pauletta. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Begado casino has an unusual name for a casino. This is one of the first casinos that had almost the same style I would find on Real time gaming casinos. With this being a NuWorks platform all the games are much more different than Real time gaming. Now here's something for a change! The cashier, the registration process, the whole thing stayed the same. Could it be that Nuworks was made right after the making of Real time gaming casinos?

Now my experience is very interesting and wasteful to not have that cashout. The video slots had never failed to amuse me. I started for a $50 no deposit with a code provided from an email I got. It sounded like it would benefit me and trying them out is free so I jumped on the offer, pinning it down to benefit me before it got away and expired unannounced. Some offers may do that after a short time or without notice. Support wasn't needed on Begado so I inserted the code to get $50 successfully.

The slots are neat, well put, graphically pleasing and I can adjust the speed for each of my spins. Fire, Wind and Water and Carnival Cash made me play for an hour and a half but not enough that funds were within reach anytime soon. I especially like the features on Fire, Wind and Water even if 8 Free Spins for 3 elemental scatters were small they add value with the multipliers. There is just one important feature they left out, where is the earth feature? All 4 elements need to be present to make life exist in the real world but here on this very slot it doesn't make complete sense.

Having earth means no ground to walk on. My point exactly. I was in fact happy I got something like $50 for free but became very discouraged when I leaned to find the withdrawal methods they left me weren't the types applicable if I won on this bonus or made a deposit. Only Wire Transfers and Neteller were available to me, no Moneybookers as stated by their homepage. Did I have to make a deposit first on Moneybookers or did they lie about having Moneybookers as a cashout method. My pursuit in the beginning was going to fail anyways. I liked the casino, it just didn't have an exit for my winnings or future deposits. Begado can get a 6 out of 10!
Stanford. Reviewed on 05.10.18
Before writing this review I read the other reviews on the AskGamblers presentation page of the Begado Casino and I can say that I fully agree with them. My impression on this casino left by my recent visit here does not differ much from the views expressed before me. But let us to go to work with the presentation.

All in one, Begado Casino is a good casino that could be a lot better. First of all, it is a new casino that has made known its presence (as I previously read here not only to me) by countless emails sent to potential players with the promotion regarding the 45 USD no deposit bonus. Second, it is a casino built on the RTG (real time gaming)platform and for who has not played before in an RTG casino, this is the sign of the quality of graphics of the games and of the unique gaming experience. The initial appearance (design) of the casino (aside the quality of the games) however, is quite poor. Here in Romania we have a saying that perfectly match to this, good cheese in the bellows of a dog. Also the number of the games is not very big.

Leaving aside the other categories, in the slots category there are only about 30 games (as compared to other RTG casino, Alladin Gold which has over 150 different slots) and from these only one (!) has a low volatility. I played this slot (Catch of the day) and with the 45 USD bonus that I received I was able to wager a total of about 400 dollars from the total of 1800 USD that need to be played in order to make an withdrawal. I need to make another observation here, namely that both the number of options for depositing money and withdrawing is very small (one can not make a deposit using Skrill for example) and the minimum amount for both deposits and withdrawals as is very big (100 USD). I wonder who has the courage to deposit 100 USD when he knows that he can not withdraw the money using other option than by wire transfer or Neteller.

But the online support is very prompt with responses and deserves a top rating. There is even a casino internal messaging system. So this is a casino where you can lose some time playing the no deposit bonus offer (code BEGANDO45), but in fact that's all.
Asha Ovalle. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I tried Begado casino in-spite of its low rating here at askgamblers for their $50 no deposit bonus and 40x wagering requirements. It was also the first Nuworks casino I have played on. The W.R. at begado are at a bearable level ranging from 40x to 50x for no deposit bonuses and 30 to 35 for deposit+bonuses. Begado offers a 333% match bonuses for the first 3 bonuses. Begado offers a weekly match up offer and its mostly 100% and above.

Coming to their software, its bare, plain and simple. the pane of the left has the type of games, select it and you will get the games of the selected type in the center and information about the selected game on the right pane. This set up of course can be changed. I found their software to be slow at times. They have a decent set of slots with mostly traditional themed games and void of comic book games such as marvel etc. i have a great deal of success in a couple of their slots "Ancient Wonders" hitting 100x on my bet when I get the scrolls. I got 3 scrolls quite often for a while and was able to clear the WR from the no deposit bonus in this game. The other games that I was successful were "Eye of Ra" and "Head Hunter".

One of the areas where the casino could improve are their T&C section. I had to visit the live chat several times to clear up a few things. The other thing which I found disappointing is their verification procedure, they require too many documents and it just takes two long. I decided to play the money instead of cash out when I had about $150 in my account from the no deposit bonus. So that tells a lot, I would give up $150 rather than go through this long and hard procedure! Well my decision was also based on the bad reviews it had here are ask gamblers.

They have a limited deposit modes which is below par. and the same applies to withdrawal. Their customer support was good.

I would rate begado :5.0/10
- good set of games
- plain and simple UI
- Unclear T&C
- Long and hard verification process.
Geneva. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Begado is another new casino to me. I am not familiar with the Real-Time gaming software at all, I have played at very little casino’s using this software only because I like to play using Great British Pounds and have found the majority of Real Time Gaming uses the currency dollars. Anyway I registered and used the code ‘ASK25’ to receive a free bonus of $25 no deposit required. The code was accepted instantly and the money available for me to play straight away.I was surprised to see how many slots they have to play. For some reason I had this pre-conception that there were not many slots to choose from but there is a very good range. The only downfall I can see it when I click to play a slot it takes ages to download. I have very quick internet connection and a good laptop so I don’t think it’s me but never the less they all download fine in the end so that’s all that matters.I’ve played all of the slots using a bet per line of $0.04 so for a 25 line slot such as ‘big win’ its $1.00 a spin. This slot in particular and quite a lot of their slots have three progressive jackpots ‘mini’, ‘minor’ and ‘major’ which are randomly triggered. I haven’t been lucky enough to win one though. YET. LOL. Fingers CrossedOne of my favourite slots here is ‘Carnival Cash’. I Got my balance up to $120 from this slot alone. This casino also has a very friendly live help section. I contacted them before I started playing to make sure they accepted UK players as I could not choose my local currency. They were very polite and welcoming and assured me that I was very welcome and should I want to make a withdrawal the currency will be converted to GBP.I am still playing through my free bonus money at the moment and really enjoying it here. I have also been offered a 195% match on a deposit of $21. They have loads of different deposit matches to offer so get down there and have a look guys it’s worth it.
Randal. Reviewed on 10.10.18
The most important thing is don't stop questioning said by albert einstein so before i made a deposit i ask for their customer support on how can i get the deposit bonus coupon via askgambler and their customer support responded that i can claim it if i get the code or they can encoded it to be claimed the deposit bonus is 100% bonus for the first deposit so i deposited 100$ and get 100 match bonus Whushh...Before that did you know that lol.... this casino is powered by NuWorks software - a Real Time Gaming sister company with improved graphics, I love Good casino graphics because it attracts more of their players so thats why this casino listed to my top 10 favorite casino ranked 7.

Okay back to the video slot experienced i like video slot i am video slot lover and i don't want table games poker other except bingo :) I play their video slot called Crystal Ball because when that word comes from my mind i remembered mysteries or something. This video slot is 25 lines and offer free spin bonus up to 12 free spin and i bet 2.50$ max line 0.10 then i started to spin and i noticed that there are many option you can made from them like auto free spin speed of the game and others after i finished spinning i won .80$ and i tried again and made another spin after i made 19 spins i won around 23.90$ and my total balance is 223.90$ and i ask their customer support for the wagering update he/she said that the latest is 5527$ because the equation is 100 deposit times 60 + bonus a total of 6100$ begado casino had many deposit bonuses for 1st deposit and im lucky that they send me there exclusive 100% deposit for 1st deposit but unfortunately i didn't achieve my goal to wagered the requirements i lost my credits before i wager it its okay because they offered me weekly bonuses at begado the biggest and best bonuses and specials delivered to you fresh every week, also they offered me the Pick the Perfect Offer that you can ask for their representative.

I rated this casino 7/10 overall i will try begado casino again when they offer me a good exclusive offer :)

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