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Tajuana. Reviewed on 11.07.18

Begado casino using games from nuwork software, this software very similar to real time gaming, even cashier is very similar, and i think nuworks and real time gaming should be somehow linked, probably even same guys create this two software, because i bet 99% if you visit any nuwork slot, you agree that it very similar to real time gaming. Also i think begado casino is third nuworks casino, we have better options with that software - lucky club, and buzzluck, at least this two have much more better reputation for gamblers.

I tried begado casino 2 times, first one was when i get some spammy email, you know i get lot of spam to my inbox, and email saying that i can join new begado casino and get 50$ no deposit bonus. I am rare use spam emails, but this time i just google the name of casino, and on main page of their site i really see that they offer 50$ no deposit bonus. Since nuworks software is really rare one, i decide that i will try to win some money with this bonus. I took it, and since i did not had much experience with this game i just tried as many games as i can, and generally i can say i like software, but i have no luck to clear this bonus and make some profit. After some time passed casino send me 400% bonus, so it is great boost for playtime, and i decide that i can allow myself to spend 20$ to get some fun. I played with this deposit probably 2-3 hours, and find for myself favorite nuworks game - it has name babushka, really interesting game, i suggest you to try it.

I rate begado with 6 stars, because i never tried their payouts time and customer support. But of course reputation of this casino already not very good, like for all their group of casinos.
I always liked video slots and I always liked free spins. That's why I couldn't resist the bonus from Begado casino. April 30 bonus 30 free spins. The bonus was for the Ancient wonders slot game. When I saw the game I thought this was a RTG casino but it turned out it uses NuWorks platform.

The casino itself is very simple and everything is easy to find. As for the bonus I was a little disappointed that it was for only one game but I liked Ancient wonders a lot. 50 paylines the bet for the bonus was 0.02. A very small bet but on 50 lines its 1 dollar per spin so you can get a descent wining. I started playing and I was surprised to get a bonus very fast.

The graphic was very good and the music was great. I had several items and 3 picks. I choose Zeus the god of the sky and got a 5xbet. Decided to go along with the Greek mythology so next I choose Prometheus the god of fire.I got 20 x bet and last I choose the Pyramid and got 5 x bet.I thought that was it and then I got a bonus pick. What luck. Another pick and I got 10x bet. And again another bonus pick. I have to tell you the adrenaline went high up. If I were playing with my money and on a higher bet I would have gotten a heart attack. I choose the Aztec pyramid and got only 2x bet. That was it the bonus was over and on my balance I had 61,18 $. Nota bad amount considering the small bet. The free spins were over so I was playing with my money now. I needed to wager 1050,00$ to get the money. I was playing with minimum bet of 0.5 on all 50 lines. My balance started to go down and down. I really wanted another bonus. With this bet I was sure to have bigger winnings. Unfortunately that never happened and I lost all of the money.

Anyway I had fun in this casino and with Ancient Wonders slot. I would recommend it to everyone. A solid 9/10.

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