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Angle. Reviewed on 11.07.18
As I’ve been doing with of my casino reviews, I have been writing them with a theme and adding a title like each episode most any television show.Atlantis Gold suites this casino well, but using that as my title, well that would just plain out lack creativity.It’s too bad that this casino isn’t called Atlantis Diamond, so I could come up with something witty like “The diamond that was once a piece of coal”, but that’s not the case so the best I can come up with is “don’t discount the underdog”.I have the unfortunate luck of being both a New York Jets (American football for those who don’t know) and a New York Knicks fan, who just happened to blow a 15 point lead starting the fourth quarter and ended up losing (American Basketball team), and that’s one of the reasons I picked a positive casino to review to try to get my head in a better place.Like most of my reviews people read the first paragraph or two and say too themselves “what does this have to do with the casino review”, instead of waiting till the end to sum it up, I am going to tell you right now.For those who live in the US and probably many around the world both heard of two of the greatest sports stories in decades, Jeremy Lin, the Asian American basketball player from Harvard, cut from a few teams and wound up on the Knicks.He was sent to the D-league (basically the minor leagues of basketball), but what happened next couldn’t have been predicted by Nostradamus himself.Both of the Knicks top two players are out, the Knicks had lost something around the last 10 games or 12 out of 14, all of sudden this guy who sat at the end of the bench, and rallies a team left with mostly backup players on his side, and he led this team on 8-0 run, on this run, he set the record for the most points by any NBA player in his first 5-6 games.

The other sports story that captivated the whole country or the world was Tim Tebow, A phenomenal athlete in college but according to every scout, analyst, and media personality said he didn’t “have what it takes to be a starter in the NFL”.His team started off the season terrible, with no hope, so one game the coach who had nothing to lose put in Tim Tebow and they won that game.Ok this may have been a fluke, than he started the next week and he won again.I believe he had won 3 straight games when he was going to play my favorite team the Jets, I didn’t believe the hype, until he drove the ball 95 yards on a game winning drive, after being held to a field goal on offense, he got traded to this Jets this go figure.

Enough of the sports talk and let me tell you why I gave those two examples, for every casino that gets attention (the good kind) and doesn’t go out of business, there have to be at least 15-20 rogue, crappy, thieving out of business casinos.Atlantis Gold not only went into a competitive market, but they did so without joining the 2 “Giants” of the software Genesys or Grand Prive (who also is connected in a way, at least through support, to Big Dollar, and Villa Fortuna who I WOULD LOVEEEEE to write a review about with some crazy first hand experiences, emails, and saved conversations, but one day I will I’m sure on this site.Anyways I believe the first promo they give out to everyone is 50-55 free spins , which normally would be great, except…… it was one spin at one line no good, it got a lot of ridicule on message boards, myself included.They kept doing these promos, around the holidays they gave away free spins every day, which is good especially if you don’t deposit, one time I actually made $5 off one recently.I also receive a promo for 100-120 free spins at 1 line .05 cents a line and made like $11-12.None of this makes this casino anything special, but what does, is their Daily Free rolls, sometimes two a day.The other day I in fact won my first free roll.They range from $150-$300, they also have sit n go’s with buy-ins as low .10cents but they add money into the sit n go’s so a simple .10 cent investment gives you the ability to win 20-35$.The reason I believe they are doing successful is at first when they had the free rolls 1000 max entrants, it wouldn’t even fill, now they have a 1-2 a day for USD and 1-2 a day, and they fill up very fast.On top of that, even though the free spins they offer are at 1 line 1 cent they’re the only Betonsoft Company that keeps letting non depositors use the codes, and from what I read they have real full game or Dollar amount No Deposit Bonuses for the depositors.

The other way I can tell they are successful is they just opened up a sister casino Treasure Island Jackpots.The reason I introduced this story, with examples of two under dogs achieving, is because in less than a years’ timethey have in essence gone up against the big boys in the same Software and instead of putting out one measly promo they thought outside the box, and realized that by offering free rolls with prizes up to $75 I believe, that it would attract clientele.They came around the same time Planet Casino who I thought was a legit company but the stabbed me in the back, and Lotus Asia casino.On top of that they offer many match bonuses, not 2-3 like some of the other Betonsoft casinos due.If you would’ve told me, this new casino that came about last November-Decemberish with a lame welcome promo, to gaining enough clients to opening another casino, I thought you would be delusional.I highly recommend that anyone who spends money at Big Dollar, or Villa Fortuna stop with their wanna be “nuff said” Simon King (should be Simon Court Jester at best lol) head on over to an up and coming casino.Big Dollar has been around much longer and 99.9% of their tournaments cancel from lack of participation, which means people are playing elsewhere which couldn’t make me happier.I give this company a 9.3/10, the reason being is they allow you to win money every day in their tournaments, I won $45 myself the other day, and even though they aren’t the greatest free spin offers at 1 line and 1 cent, their still better than nothing, and if you don’t deposit at a betonsoft casino, other than the initial promo from an affiliate that’s all you will get is nothing.

This 9.3/10 rating is dedicated to that stupid a-hole Simon King the head of promotions who got me blacklisted from a bunch of casinos,but you know what Simon I have friends, with different IP’s who are more than willing to deposit if I give them $$ for it and play at their house, so I can still play Betonsoft, but you will never see a dime from, even if yougot down and kissed my shoe, (this all happenedafter I posted conversations between me and support on Big Dollar’s Facebook page because they called me a lier, denied me bonuses, and when I tried to expose the truth, I got an email 2 hours later saying I’m banned and I will get a refund of all deposits, which I did, the only good thing they did even though it took a month) but there’s still plenty of Betonsoft casinos that are Better and treat their customers better like Atlantis Gold. Sometimes the underdog isn’t really an underdog at all, I know this because I was a drug addict a few years ago, and I get 5 offers to work on wall street everyday like clockwork, I have a job and I do things like this, and complete surveys for cash to get every dollar I can so I can live closer and my commute isn’t 7 hours round trip a day.If I keep up at this pace I will attain my goal, and I’ll tell you something if going from doing pills to planning portfolios and selling rocks to selling stocks isn’t an underdog making it, well you must have some crazy standards lol.I’m going for 40-50 reviews this month and doing 5 tonight after a full days work just to give you an idea of how bad I want to achieve my goals.1 Down 4 to go:-)

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