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Dena. Reviewed on 11.07.18

7 red is an online casino provided by Betsoft software. Honestly I'm not a big fan of it, but the name 7red has caught my attention for some time now so I decided to give it a try. On AskGamblers bonuses I saw that they were giving 7€ no deposit bonus which is great, so I signed up at their casino ( the sign up is really easy and fast), confirmed my account and contacted the live support to ask about this bonus, because on their page I couldn't find where I could claim it with the AskGamblers code.

The live chat was very nice and apologized for the error that my account had, and added this bonus manually. I have to say that it's something unique that this bonus doesn't have any wagering. So even though the minimum withdrawal is very high-150€, playing with free bonus money you have nothing to lose.

I started to play Dr Jeckyll and Mr. Hide, as I've been wanting to try it out for some time. I placed 0.60€ bets, which are the minimum (you cannot place less than 0.02 coin size). Once I won 0.60€ but overall with few spins my balance went under 5€, so I switched this game to the Glam Life Jackpot. I placed minimum bets of 0.50€. I got 3 free spins features and it gave me 2 free spins ( I mean really 2 spins?) They gave me 1€. Maybe it's just me but I don't see how this game could bring big winnings to someone.

At last I went to Hall of Gods.which is a 20 payline jackpot. At least here I could place small bets like 0.20€ per spin. My biggest win was when I got the wild dragon feature and it gave me 0.30€ but that's just it, that was the only combination that paid me something. Within 5 minutes the balance was gone.

Overall I was very pleased with the customer support, they were very nice and patient and helped me as could. The games they have are descent but surely not my favorites, but I think a big minus is the minimum withdrawal amount. They say that you can withdraw less than 150€ but it will cost you. I'm a person that doesn't like any limits, so 150€ is a lot.

7red is the type of casino that makes you feel rich even before you start playing!

The site is absolutely amazing in design as it has the most neatly programmed user interfaces, on the first glance it looks like a definite 1000euro minimal deposit type of casino. But to my surprise you are welcomed with a nice bonus, but, this, what I consider a big minus in my book, is the live chat, that was very slow and it was a time hole, as well as other issues regarding the site.
The responses were timed 5 minutes in between, and it felt like automatic messages were sent as I had to struggle to get my bonus!!

I don't usually prefer this type of sponsor software (Real Time Gaming) but I don't really have concrete comments about their host though, either!
The good thing is, they offer 3 types of play : Instant PC - play, downloadable content and mobile supported as well !
I usually just prefer instant play, especially when checking out the casino for the first time.

As per usual, while testing the site I did not major to rake up any big sums, so I cannot tell you whole lot about their withdraw statistics,
One other issue comes to mind when referring to 7Red. They have an unusual amount of banned countries that cannot play in their casino, I understand the laws to the certain extent, but I believe a ban this big is not necessary.
I've been reading through some of the reviews about this casino to see if they had any problems with the site, and unfortunately this site would be labeled as "rouge" in my book.
Nobody complained about registration and playing, but a lot of people complained about not being paid their money!

Having all of this above in mind, If I had to rate this site 1/10, It's a 2/10. The design and play work fine, but the legislative issues are a big part, and it's bad when you have people complaining they had difficulties going through the legislative processes.
My next review will be on 7Red Casino and what brought my attention that they had 7 euros free no deposit bonus but no wagering,wow is it possible, well yes it is in this casino but there is one small thing if you didn't notice that the minimum cashout from this casino is 150 euros, well when it comes to free bonuses I don't mind, because after all they are giving you free money to play, but when it comes to real deposit of your own money and thinking that you have to made 150 euros to withdraw, that's pretty high I think.
7Red Casino has BetSoft platform, but I have to say I am not big fan at all of this games, but with free bonus why not try my luck.

Even if I don't like this Betsoft Casinos or maybe its just because I had bad experience with some of them and maybe that will be the explanation of why I don't like them, but still I have some, let's say it favorites there also.

Whenever I play at Betsoft Casinos I always choose to play Mr.Vegas slot or Mamma Mia or Slot Father because they are few games which I have most experience.
First I played Mr.Vegas but what I did noticed here the minimum bet was 0.60 euros per bet not the standard 0.30 per bet so was not so generous with me this time at this casino, but I still carry on playing the same game, hoping that maybe it will surprised me. But my surprise with this game didn't came because I was playing so little time here and lost it all.

About 7Red Casino its a petty why they don't have some other platforms, because that way maybe they would pay my attention and would became their depositor, because of what I read about them they have really big percent of payouts, but like I said I don't like their games so much I don't think I would deposit there.
If you like BetSoft Games, well there is plenty players who like theirs games you can try this casino, because I think they are trusted one.

Good Luck!

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