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Alonso. Reviewed on 11.07.18

24h Casino at the time didn't see like an option, I have to admit.

But first things first, before I get into my personal experience with the casino, I'd like to go over some Pros and Cons with you, just so you can have a neat, grid feel to it, but I have to say, the grid might disappoint you.

-NetEnt and WagerWorks empowered (I didn't have much experience with WagerWorks but to my prior experience with NetEnt , they offer some good variety of games)
-In top 50# rated casinos, over 600 others
-Transfers are fast ( as per other reviews, that seemed to have quality service for it)
-Instant play

-NetEnt and WagerWorks ( you know, not everyone likes the NetEnt games selection, and truth be told, this is the first time ever I encounter WagerWorks software, if I recall correctly)
-Downloadable version of the casino not available
-No mobile play (Although, I've read people using the phone app, I didn't have luck finding it, this could be an issue )
-Limited deposit/payment methods
-Large number of restricted countrys
-Instant play only

My personal experience wasn't all that bad, I hold some grudges though.
Firstly, I prefer instant play, but for a such highly ranked casino, you'd think that downloading option should be mandatory.

They offer 10 free spins and a 100% bonus, which is a bit extra, and the wagering requirements are meetable!I have to say, for initial 10 euro deposit, I could have almost withdrawn a nice sum of money, but as per my usual greedy self, I managed to blew it.
This casino didn't baffle me though, it was instant play which is nice, registration didn't take long, but it misses a lot of things I find other casinos must have for me to be a "fan" to them,.

You should give this casino a try though, I find it nothing out of the ordinary, but don't take my word for it, do some research in your place, because I'm not sure how withdrawing works here!
Give it a try, you just might like it!

A good grade of 5/10, nothing special, worth trying though.
24h Casino is Netent Gamingwhich are my favorites casinos at the moment.
24h Casino is sister casino to iGame casino and they have the same promotions, same bonuses even the look of the site is the same. I decide to sign up with them when they were giving 10 free spins on Starburst slot just to join them .

Whenever there is free spins I always took theirs offer, but maybe that is mistake because if you are not ready to make a deposit and after a while when you decide to make a deposit the they wont gave you, because your account its old.
But I was wrong about this casino because they had good offer I think they still have it but its for selected countries, they give you 100% match bonus plus free spins.

But ok I was not eligible so I made a small deposit of 15 euros and sometimes if you had luck on your site its better to play with your own money so no wagering no nothing.
So with 15 euros I thought I couldplay Starburst first so I can raise my balance, because Starburst game is fantastic one, even if you have very small amount on your account it can really surprise you.
Well she surprised me again. I was playing with 0.20 euro per bet and I got 30 euros from 5 spins,isn't that amazing !

So I was having now around 40 euros and could play Gonzo Quest,although Gonzo knows to surprised me but to lose the money.
So I switched thegame and played Gonzo with 0.40 euro per bet , he was losing all the time haha I was losing all the time .

I don't know why I didn't changed the slot I just played till the end expecting that hi will hit me big time, but not this time.
I like 24h Casino and probably will make another deposit here very soon I think.
About their chat support they get 7/10 from me because I was waiting for the more then a1min, so that's long, but I like playing here and like I said will be coming here again.
Xenia. Reviewed on 23.09.18
I just need to make something clear....24h casino does allow players from Canada but if your in the middle of updating some of the pages we all appreciate it (No offense)! Okay on 24h casino not everything was terrific as I would have hoped because I lost over a quarter of my deposit. Support (Kristel I know because I still have the transcript in my email) as expected were magnificent, always supportive and informative towards players. I waited for about 40 seconds and during the wait there was this game where I had to smack the sleeping support agent to pass the time. This is pretty neat of them to think of this.
I then asked the usual questions (once the wait is over) if whether or not Canadian players could join and take up any promotions. The agent replied that "we" are able to join and take advantage of their promotions.

Right after thanking support I made a large $100 deposit so I could play on the NetEnt slots and a Jackpot Slot called Icy Wonders. All the promotions they had were 25 Free Spins a Week for playing on their current featured slot once 100 Euros (more than $100 to be sure in my currency) have been placed. There was this one week where they had Starburst currently featured so I threw almost over $110 in bets and was left with $76 in my account. With small losses from my wagers just to get 25 Free Spins I marched forward to another video slot to try to win back my money ($24).
So I came forth to Victorious where it took a long time for me to hit the Free Spins because it became hard trying to hit adjacent scatters. A couple of times the two scatters appearing left to right would leave me with just that...not hitting a wild or another scatter for 15 Free Spins. Did I mention the wild eagle statues do substitute for scatters?
After playing for 20 minutes on a $0.75 bets my balance grew after the 15 Free Spins (3x Tripled wins 3x) for $23.10. I now had $95.85. I was still not happy with what I had because it was less than what I started with so I changed the name of the game to Icy Wonders, a Jackpot Slot. All I know is if my bets are really low no Jackpot Stars would show up (at least 4 Jackpot Stars are required for the Wonder Jackpot, 5 Stars for Mega Wonder). The most Stars I saw were only 1 star under a $1.20 which was very rare to see. They wouldn't appear after a bunch of spins. I would have to assume bigger bets and coin values show more stars. To hit something over 2000 Euros or 10000 Euros would make anyone go crazy!

The bonus was decent at best because I only won $5.40 after picking penguins that are hiding fishes behide their backs. When I chose a penguin holding a fish already eaten the feature was good as gone, giving me my $5.40 total.
I placed bets again and again but after less than 20 minutes my balance was lowered to $65.44 total ($35.81 worth of losses). I had to stop right there because I did not go big with over $100. Sure it went on $100 one time and it gone over by a $1 but it never went over with at least $20 or even $50 worth of wins.
I decided to cash out before it gotten much worse...have nothing in the end! The resulting cash out was truly coming at a very slow pace! I had to send in my documents, waited for 7 business days during which while waiting I had miscommunications with support via email. They were stating that when I sent in my documents they did not get them so I had to resent them a few more times to make sure they got them okay.

The process was frustrating!!! I wanted to rip paper 4 times after a hectic procedure. I did however get my cash out. I'll leave this casino out and will never try it again in the future using my deposits.
A 4.5 out of 10 for 24h Casino!
Cristy. Reviewed on 27.09.18
This is the first casino that i played in that puts their poker rooms as main game on their website.However I did not come there to play in poker rooms because to be honest there is much better poker rooms out there I was there for the Netent table games. I am kind of an addict when it comes to Netent powered card and table games so from time to time I must hit the tables and try my luck.

So I made my account verified it in the link they sent to my email and made a small deposit using Skrill e wallet payment method.There was a check box which you had to mark if you want a bonus of 100% on your first deposit but i decided not to take it because it had 35x wagering requirements.
My deposit was at my disposal straight away and I could begin gambling on my favorite card games. I started with Txs Holdem Pro game like casino holdem except I could set my ante bet on ten cents per bet and then decide whether I check or call on turn and river.

Things where going well for me but I could not boost my balance on such a low bet and i raised it to fifty cents ante then it all started to fall apart. Not only did I lose but I was loosing with excellent hands for example I got pocket Jacks hooks is the right name for them and I called off course and then on the flop there was one queen and some lower cards I call turn and river and we show hands guess what dealer has pair of queens and I have par of jack tough luck don't you think.
Few hands like that and I was almost left with nothing, then I switched to Black jack. Same deal there every dam hand I get good cards dealer has better and finally I lost everything at 24h Casino.

That is pretty much all I remember them for low payouts on card games.
I never spoke to support or played slots but tables sucked here big-time.
My grade for this casino will be 5/10 I don't believe I will be making further deposits here
Whitney. Reviewed on 03.10.18
LATEST UPDATE: 24h Bet Casino no longer accept players from Malaysia now, due to the latest regulations coming into immediate effect. On my second check-up with their Live Chat, I came onto them rather strongly, but got the response that I had wanted. I told her to inform their finance team to get my blocked account matter settled as soon as possible and that I want my 20Euros back too, since I can no longer play at the casino. The next day, a reply came from the finance team, apologising for the delay, and returning BOTH my 1st and 2nd deposits back into my Neteller account! So I got my 40 Euros back! Woohoo! Thank you 24h Bet! With a little bit of pushing, you came in real good! Well done!

(My review) I received a nice promotional email one day from 24h Bet Casino, offering deposit bonuses and 300 free spins on Starburst for all new players. Yep, my eyes opened up wide for a few seconds! But when I saw that there wasn't any BetSoft games, my eyes came back to normal, hahaha. But since those free spins were on Starburst, it was still fine with me, so I signed up.

A 100% first deposit bonus wasn't much at all, the minimum deposit required was 20 Euros, I can live with that, 100 free spins on Starburst, I was happy with that, but the other 200 free spins needed two more deposits, oh what the heck! The 50x wagering on the bonus and free spins, yet another heck.

To be very honest, the free spins went horribly, giving me only $3.33 after 100 spins, my deposit and bonus money could not even go higher than the initial $40, it simply went down all the way without even a single look back, can you imagine that? I lost everything, including that $3.33 winnings, in just a matter of a few minutes, playing with bets of just 0.05 - 0.75 Euros all the way. I had wanted to put this in the 'red finger' below, but the casino has got no control over the games outcome, so I'll just leave this in the 'green finger' section, to make things look better, hahaha.
Jacque. Reviewed on 05.10.18
After spending some time at this company my first thought, impression was they’re really out there for poker players. As a person who like way better playing casino games than poker I just can say about their other services.

They also have sport section but unfortunately I found very weak both the odds and the available markets and I almost felt like they don’t care much about it (for example they offer absolutely no deposit bonus for bettors).

Their casino is powered by NetEnt and Microgaming. They only have browser based version but I have to say it’s very high quality. Crystal clear appearance and very great visual experience but during my time I had several connection problems with server.
Other than that it’s a typical NetEnt & MG combo but a plus for them, usually they’re among the firsts that broaden the game repertoire and introduce the latest games come out of these two developers’ workrooms.

Unfortunately, there’s no much difference in the promotions policy at the casino, too. Practically we can’t say about deposit casino bonus other than the usual 100% welcome bonus. It’s definitely the territory they need to improve. There are other strange things like the one we meet at right the registration procedure as we can only use Euro for player account. In my case it is absolutely not an issue but I know some out there who prefers $ for play money especially for poker.

My best experience came here when I had to contact the customer service to clear some things about account verification process. I don’t want to talk about it too much – it’s a top-notch service. They’re very kind, humorous, professional and really, really helpful. To date, the one and only withdrawal request was fluent but could have been a little bit faster.

To summarize, I’ve found here things that I was very satisfied with, some with not so much but the poor sport section and the limited bonus options maybe lead me to play somewhere else.
Antonette. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I saw a very interesting promotion on our askgamblers page that said that 24h casino gives you 100% bonus up to 100eur plus as our forum user you can also get 10 free spins. I haven't read reviews on this casino, only a few- good and not that good, so I thought- why not deposit 20 eur & see what happens? So I signed up very quickly & deposit my 20 eur.

In my opinion, the deal is good- 100% deposit bonus and wagering requirements x 35, which is actually fulfillable. The deposit was transferred to my account immediately, but the bonus not. After waiting for a couple of minutes, I contacted their live support. They checked my situation & found their mistake, apologized and transferred it to my account so I was ready to play.

Firstly I wanted to use my 10 free spins so I used them at my favourite slots- Starburst. I really like the design of the game, and even tough there are only 10 lines, it is very possible to win good money. But to be honest, that wasn't my lucky day and didn't win anything within those 10 free spins.
Although I am a big Playtech fan, lately I've started to like Netent games and 24h casino is based on Netent platform. For me personally a big plus besides nice designed games was their live casino. I used the casino mobile app and was very delighted that it didn't lag ( I had problems with that many times at bet365). My faves there from table games were casino holdem, because I was lucky and won 2 times full house, but my bets were minimum so the winnings were almost equal to what I lost. I also tried there single deck blackjack pro, which I really liked,but unfortunately I lost there more than won.

Even though I didn't try to withdraw the money, cause I didn't had the minimum withdrawal amount, I was very pleased with my experience there. I absolutely recommend this casino. Good playing terms and bonuses, nice design and large choice of games.
Rufina. Reviewed on 07.10.18
24h casino is a sister casino of iGame, they both have similar promotion and bonuses, and both powered by Netent. As I am huge fan of Netent, I am of course register there and get my 100% deposit bonus with deposit of 60 euros.
With 120 euros I start play pacific attack , and of course I choose nice slot! I hit 4 scatter very fast, in free spins get 4 scatters one more time, and with 1$ bet this feature pay me around 200 euro, very nice result, and with 310 euros on my balance I switch to alien robots.

Alien robots I usually play with 243 lines mode, but you can play it in 30 lines mode if you want. I start playing it 1.8 euro, actually alien robots very rare pays something nice in main game, but in freespins you had expanding sticky(for 1 spin) wilds on 2 3 4 lines, and with 243 paylines it can give you really perfect wins. So, i hit free spins, and with 1.8 euro bet free spins pay me 90 euro, which is exactly 50 x my total bet.
I left slot and goes to Jack Hammer 2 with 2.5 euro bets, Jack Hammer eats my 100 euro very fast, and I leave this slot like a horror, not need to lost money so fast.After it I go to Dead or alive and give it few spins with 0.90 bet, but nothing this time.
After it I play Starburst about 200 spins with 2euro per bet, till I finish my wagering requirements with 210 euros on my balance. Nice result from 60 euro deposit, and I did not want to play more, just want to try how cash out goes there. I request cash out and got it without documents providing in 15 hours. Good job!

24 casino gets this marks:

Software: 10/10 for Netent best slots in the world!
Support: do not ask anything, but they have no live chat
Cash outs: 8.5/10 under 24 hours
Bonuses: 6/10 only bonus on first deposit
Total: 8/10 nice Netent casino with fast cash outs, but only 1 bonus!
Lakenya Loh. Reviewed on 07.10.18
24h Casino is a casino that is run by NetEnt and Microgaming software. In the last 3-4 months I joined in almost every casino that is run by NetEnt software. I think that they have good games, not like Playtech slots, but they are at the very top of the gambling industry.

Their front page isn't quite visually good but the navigation is easy and you can find everything you are looking for very fast. They offer a welcome bonus for new players of 100% match on your first deposit + 10 free spins on Starburst slot game.
I joined this casino because of this bonus but later I found out that it wasn't available for players from my country. I have to be honest and admit that I was very disappointed because of that and I decided to forget about this casino. But soon after registration the casino offered a 100% match bonus on my deposit. The WR was really high 60 x bonus but still I made a minimum deposit of 10 euros and took this bonus.

So I had 20 euros to play with. I decided to play NetEnt games mostly. The reason for that was very simple, I wanted to try out all the games from this software provider. I have already tried out all the games that Microgaming has to offer. I played for about 5-6 hours. At one point my balance was up to 94 euros. I could have asked for a withdrawal than because I have already met the wager requirements but I decided to play on until my balance reached 100. Off course that was a wrong decision because from those max 94 euros that I had my balance just started to go down. It’s incredible how luck turned it’s back on me. It took me about half an hour to lose those 94 euros without any descent wins.

I had a good time here and I think this is a safe casino and I recommend it to everyone.

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