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sure win Reviews by Players

Racheal. Reviewed on 02.07.18

Sure Win game is powered by microgaming. I actually like this game because it is exactly like Loaded. I have been playing this game since i joined microgaming and till this day it entertains me and gives me good wins.

There are 25 lines in this game and i have played it on all bets. The best line hit i had was five wilds on a €0.25 bet. I did not see it first but when i looked down i saw €70, i was shocked. I never managed to get them om a higher bet but if i did it would have paid amazing. There is only one feature in this game and that is a free spins feature. To get the feature i had to get three or more guys with tickets. I have got five of them once and that paid to lovely 100x my bet. Once you get the feature you can choose how you want to play it. !" free spins with 4x, 16 free spins with 3x and 24 free spins with 2x. I always pick the middle because i dont want to be too greedy or too cheap. max i ever won on this bonus was around €120 on a €2 bet. It is unfortunate that you can not re-trigger free spins, if you could it would have been awesome.

In my view this game has a lot of potential. It could pay crazy if you get lucky, and on this game anyone can get lucky. Another thing i like is the wilds. They come out quite a lot and help player win big. If i was to rate this game i would give it 8 out of 10.
Sure Win, when playing this slot is like a day at the race track! It's actually the same rules and feature as with my favourite slot Loaded only with race horses instead of women and rappers. The same bets apply for me when playing Sure win, $1.25.

I always pick 12 Free spins at 4x and expect to always win around $40. It's just a juicy steak with plenty of sides and sauces. I never ever doubt playing on the free spins with the most multipliers because the other choices give me a "not enough" feel. I appreciate the tune for when I trigger 3 scatters of a man holding a betting slip while sounding a whisper as each one lands on the reels. Great tune...both after landing 3 scatters and also at the conclusion of the feature :) , awesome winnings, wild sure win signs pay triple my bets, horses appear plenty of times on and off free spins and I always come back for more when I find myself beat (tired) on spending too much time on Sure Win. I never miss an opportunity to break the bank on this slot.

In terms of downsides I encountered little on Sure Win, just triggers can get harder and harder each time it's awarded. I recommend this slot if you are a big fan of Loaded and rest assured there are plenty of winnings to grab on this video slot! The one accident I had witnessed is when I got ahead of myself gambling my $35 winnings on a suit instead of a red or black colour and lost everything. Just an example of what greed can do to me when expecting way too much. I could of walked out with $140 if only.....I got it correct on that try.

To sum up, Sure win is worthy of it's name to stand tall with an 8 out of 10!

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