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Game of Thrones: overview

Game of Thrones slot is a game with 243 lines which was created by specialists of Microgaming based on the eponymous series. This model became a sequel to the original version of the Game of Thrones for 15 pay lines. In the updated version, the device calculates prize combinations on the principle of all pay, is endowed with a multi-tier “wild” symbol and allows you to win a prize round of free spins. A user who has access to a series of free spins can choose one of the four types of free spins represented in Game of Thrones slots.

Interesting Features

The visual series in the Game of Thrones slots game is very high quality and quite atmospheric. Warm colors, motifs and spirit of the fantastic Middle Ages are waiting for the users who chose the game. The game field does not differ in any innovations, since it has a standard 5-drum structure. The manufacturer has stopped on 15 lines, which remain constantly active during the whole entertaining action. This is very convenient, since the user can skip the step with the adjustment of the linear indicator. But all the other parameters can be adjusted in a few seconds using the control panel. Such a panel is easy to find on the main screen at the bottom of it. It is here that the keys for betting, starting and other auxiliary parts are collected. Players will be able to monitor the current state of affairs and go to the section with information about the coefficients and symbols.

How to Play & Real Money Versions

Play on the slot machine is allowed for a wide range of rates. To clarify this point, you can directly in the casinos, which you give preference. The total payment accrued for all combinations that are formed by the results of the spin can either be immediately transferred to the main account, or put on the counter in a game for doubling. Before it starts, you will see a map of the Seven Kingdoms, on which four points are marked, indicated by images of a three-eyed crow, a white walker, a werewolf and a dragon. You can choose one of them to go to the thematic round of the game according to the odds. We will not describe each of them in detail. Let’s just say that in all the win is doubled with a successful outcome and with unfavorable money go to the cashier’s office. Casino players can play several times in a row, but you cannot make mistakes.

Bonus Rounds and lines

The prize-winning round of the video slot Game of Thrones has the form of free-spins with additional features, presented in four varieties. Before they run, you will see a screen with the flags of the four families. You need to choose one of them to start the corresponding version of free spins. Briefly describe their features:

  • Baratheons – eight rotations with an additional factor x5 and a stacked coat of arms of three symbols;
  • Lannisters are ten rotations with an additional multiplier of x4 and a stacked four-character emblem;
  • Starks – fourteen rotations with an additional multiplier x3 and a stacked coat of arms of five characters;
  • Targariens are eighteen rotations with an additional factor of x2 and a stacked emblem of six characters.

The bet in these rotations for the client is made by the casino. Its size remains the same as in the last regular round. More detailed consideration of the free spins is offered in the payout table and the reference section of the video slot.

By the way, the symbolism in the slot is very epic. Even the notorious playing cards look very impressive, resembling a cold weapon. The coats of arms of all the houses fit perfectly as game characters in an entertaining plot. Naturally, behind all values ​​there are special pay coefficients. They provide the formation of prizes, multiplying by the indicator of the active rate. For all symbols present, such coefficients are individual. Wild symbol, available in the Game of Thrones, is able to fall out by strips, than in times increases the chances of success. He builds as his own combinations, and is part of other attacks. Scatter-symbol as always leads the game without binding to combinations, but its main essence is to activate free spins. Free-backs take place in different numbers and with different multipliers: Boratheons – 8 spins with multiplier x5; Lannisters – 10 free spins + multiplier x4; Starks – 14 free spins + multiplier x3; Targariens – 18 free spins + x2 multiplier. The nature of such rotations is determined by the user before the start. After the completion of the spins, the results are summed up and the total winnings are immediately transferred to the participant’s balance. There are no other bonus add-ons in the Game of Thrones.

Rules and features

Additional levels in the game slot Game of Thrones 243 two. One becomes available after the first win and opens an interesting risk-game in which you will have to compete seriously for the right to own the Iron Throne. In case of victory, the initial bet can be multiplied by two or four times. Three or more cards with the “Iron Throne” allow you to get into the world of free spins, where proud banners of the houses of Västerås help to get fabulous wealth. Depending on the number of cards with the throne and the frequency of their loss, the player can count on eight to eighteen free spins, during which the multiplication of each payment is two to five times. Casinos PlayFortuna offers a unique opportunity to become a real king of Västerås and get at your disposal the entire royal treasury for real money!

History of Game of Thrones

Popular TV series very often set a certain style. So with the legendary series of the Game of Thrones, the same story happened, because he literally captured the entertainment industry from the first season. The company Microgaming succumbed to the mass flow, and released Game of Thrones Slot Machine based on the plot of the series and original books. This game is ideal for those who are already familiar with the plot and characters, or wants to get acquainted. And since those who want a huge amount, the popularity of the video slot was predetermined.


Today it is quite difficult to find a person who would not have heard about the epochal book “Game of Thrones” and would not like to join its amazing history. Game of Thrones provides 243 from one of the best modern game developers, the company Microgaming, gives a glimpse of the plot of the Seven Kingdoms on the other side. After all, what could be more desirable for any admirer of George Martin’s creativity than the Iron Throne given to his undivided use? The Spectacular Slots Online Game of Thrones by Microgaming opens up the dizzying secrets of many of Västerås’ houses, immersing the player in the solemn atmosphere of an exciting legend. Without a doubt, this is a great video slot. Excellent graphics, stunning screensavers from the series, interesting topics, large payments, numerous combinations, incredibly stylish design, amazing animation, an excellent set of fascinating functions, a comfortable and intuitive interface, the necessary settings – in general, to list its advantages can be very long. But it’s better to immediately get acquainted with them, personally testing the game.

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game of thrones Reviews by Players

Arnulfo. Reviewed on 02.07.18
One of my latest favorite slots is, for sure, Game of Thrones the 243 liner published from Microgaming. Before the slot came alive I was a big fan of the tv series and the books so I could not wait the time for a slot of this theme would come out. When it was published from the Microgaming I hoped that they would make a very good slot as they did.

Game of Thrones has two variations the one with the 15 lines which I play it only when I have small balance and the 243 liner. In terms of graphics, you will not get very excited of them as they are very minimal but one the other hand the whole atmosphere of the slot I think it is in the right mood, dark and epic. There are four symbols for the great houses of this world, yellow for Baratheon, light red for Lannisters, white for Starks and red for Targaryen and of course the letters A,K,Q,J so I think the slot has not got many symbols which is good for me. Also there are stacked wild and the scatters.

3 or more scatters trigger the bonus round where you can choose one of the four houses and have different amount of free spins with different multipliers. I always choose Baratheon which has the fewest spins, only 8 but with the biggest multiplier x5. In the bonus round there are huge potentials of having huge wins, I have seen up to x3000 times of bet if you get almost a full screen of the yellow symbols. But usually it does not pay very good, I usually get 10-20 xbet wins, of course the big hits are rare.

I think this slot has very high variance and many times the bonus round is not trigged for over 500 spins but on the other hand you can win huge. I like this slot because it has given me huge wins from the first times I tried it and I believe it is one of the best from this provider.
Okaaay, what about my first impressions? The game certainly looked so boring and dull to me, I must say, lacking in eye-catching graphics, presentations or colours. The game scenarios are mostly dark and almost lifeless. Animations? What animations? Except for the intro video, there's not much of animations around...just those for the icons and symbols when they become active. Microgaming wants to keep it looking simple? Whatever.

My first thoughts...what the heck is that spiky ugly thing? Yeah...the seat of the throne...urrrgh! How could any ruler, real or fiction, use THAT as the seat of a throne, I wondered?! It not only looks very painful to sit in, it looks so treacherous as well. So it stayed in my mind that any ruler who seats himself in THAT seat must be a blardy treacherous ruler...a ruler so cruel beyond believe...inhuman in nature...and very very sadistic. True or false? I don't even know now...I still haven't seen the TV series...nor read the book! The game doesn't tell me anything more at all, except for the names of the 4 rulers...Baratheon and Targaryen certainly fit in with names in that kind of era...but Lannister and Stark sounds contemporary to Stark, the Ironman. Yep, Stark in his Ironman suit could easily defeat any of the three kingdoms...or even all of them...but then again, you wouldn't have a hit TV series and game, would you?!

Gameplay is the one thing that I do not like the most about any Microgaming and Quickfire games! Whenever I compare them with Playtech games...they all lose out without any doubts from me! Quickfire games tend to keep free spins from coming often, or close to one another. Usually only two free games would come closely, rarely three...whilst all others are spaced continents apart! I really really hate this trait! Also, special feature games, none available in Game Of Thrones though, that could make you wait for a thousand spins or more...and then pays you nothing! Not once...not twice...but three times in a row...before finally paying you a miserable 10xbet win on the fourth game! This has happened to me in another big hit MG/Quickfire game...but that thrashing review will come separately, hahaha.

Yeah, you would have realized by now just how much I dislike Microgaming games! I don't try to hide it...rather...I want to expose it...the more the better...because it actually hurts me whenever I read that someone is loving this MG game, or that MG game...for one reason or another..which I personally cannot accept. Hence, I may be hammering away at MG games, as I want and as I like...but everything said and done are nothing more than my own personal findings. Just take it...or leave it, hehehe.

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