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dolphin quest Reviews by Players

Laci. Reviewed on 01.05.18
Okay, my story here is interesting and it's because of curiosity that leads me to play this slot. A year ago after this was release i saw some of comments from other source and other threads and other sites that said it's not an advisable slot that they wanted you to play. So, i decided to give it a try this slot is a 5 reel slot and have many payline over 50 so from being curios and skeptic i deposited to the one of the casino that offer this kind of slot well as a female i have desire to some of the casinos that have nice and attractive background cover and this one is the is qualified for that but it's not yet the final qualification. So everything were ready and i only needed to bet and try the Dolphin Quest Slot! I tried to bet as low as i can because at that time i only intended to prove if it's not a good or an advisable slot to play.

Starting from $.50 and everything works fine and i didn't got any problem while spinning it's just for my warm up. After several minutes i observe and saw that my money was added a bit coins some where $3 from just several spinning worth $.50 so i decided to make it i don't think if it's $1.50 or $2.50 then spin again. Because it's a 50 pay lines the odds of winning from every spins was high as you can expect right? Well, i will say that a little bit like that because the ratio of my winnings is 3:1 or every 3 spin i won 1 round but sometimes it's just because of 3 low pay out symbols and my bet was compromised to i lost. After that from my observation over long period of time day by day i will say that this slot was a good slot and the pay out was still higher than the other slot.

The features works very fine and the most common feature that always reveal and strike was the wild and the next bonus game of dolphin quest. I didn't find any offensive stuffs to this slot as the other players said and also the RTP and the payout ratio that they always say is just false and this slot was regulated and tested as a honest slot. Overall i rated this casino 8.5/10 !
Shon. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Like IcyMod righteously said in the review below me, there are quite a lot of video slots with themes based on Dolphins. Apparently it's a theme that's very popular among the big gaming software companies like Microgaming. In their defense I do find most Dolphin themed games I played very appealing, and different from most slots and that's exactly the case with Microgaming's Dolphin Quest as well.This is a fun and enjoyable video slot with 50-paylines, 5-reels and 4 positioned symbols on every reel. Take a deep dive into the Atlantic Ocean, and see what kind of creatures you will come across off. That's basically the podium for this game, since the symbols are made up from Dolphins, turtles, octopuses, crabs and several other notable fishes. On the reels 2, 3 and 4 there is space for the scatter symbol, which gets displayed by the icon with two dolphins. You need at least 3 scatters to appear to trigger the bonus game. For all you avid slots fans who are hoping for some free spins, I'm afraid I will have to disappoint you since there aren't any to be won with Dolphin Quest.Be aware though that every reel contains stacked wilds which can fill up all reels. So there is definitely some huge potential, since the wilds do appear quite easily. The minimum bet for Dolphin Quest is €0.50 btw, which is the bet size I used when I first experienced this game. The scatters also function as a wild and replace all other symbols, except the normal wilds during a winning combination. I found Dolphin Quest very entertaining and won lots of small prizes of around 20-30x bet size during the base game to keep me ahead.I've managed to trigger the bonus round 3 times. There are 3 reels displayed there with different prizes, and you have to stop them one by one to win the revealed prize. Not sure what's the max you can win here, but most times I won around 50-75x my bet size. So it's a very decent bonus game, and it probably can pay out lots more.My final rating for Dolphin Quest is an 8/10.

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